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Tips before a trip

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Before the Trip

Before the Trip

Due to the regulations on counteracting the spread of the Covid-19 virus, it is reasonable to include increased health security controls in the  arrival to the airport, which may affect the capacity of security checkpoints.

Get ready for your trip. Check-in points are opened 3 hours before the planned departure of the plane, therefore we recommend arriving at the Warsaw Modlin Airport at least in such advance. Check-in desks close 40 minutes before scheduled departure, while Gates close 30 minutes before scheduled departure. If you arrive at the Airport late, you may not be allowed to board the plane.

Check the documents. At the beginning, pack all the necessary documents into your purse or backpack. Check which documents are required in a given country - passport, ID card, visa.

Print your boarding pass. The boarding pass contains all the necessary data about the passenger and his journey. Remember to print your boarding pass at home - you will avoid extra costs and save time.

Pack wisely. Include the season, weather, weight and size of hand luggage and checked luggage. The baggage regulations are based on the regulations and procedures of a specific carrier. Prepare properly for security checks. Pack, in a single transparent, resealable plastic bag: all liquids, sprays and gels *, taking into account that each container must not exceed a capacity of 100 ml. Remember that packaged liquids, sprays and gels * should fit freely in a bag with a capacity not exceeding 1 liter. Before the security check at the airport, you can buy bags in dedicated vending machines. Each passenger may only bring one such bag.

* gels, emulsions, liquid/solid mixtures and the contents of pressurized containers such as toothpaste, hair gels, beverages, soups, syrups, perfumes, shaving foams and other products of similar consistency.

Check the status of flights. Track changes in timetables on the airport's website or with the carrier. Flight status information is usually provided well in advance. The carrier can also send you an e-mail or SMS, remember about that!

Park the car. The airport parking offer allows you to leave your car in one of the three car parks. P1 short-term car park is located approx. 50 m from the terminal, P3 - another short term car park is located aprand P7 long-term car park is located approx. 3 km from the passenger terminal. P7 is the only car park that provides you with a quick transfer to the door of the passenger terminal.

At the Airport



Disabled Passengers (PRM). The Check-in point, No. 13 (straight ahead after entering the terminal), is dedicated to the service of people with disabilities and people with reduced mobility. It is marked with the appropriate symbols. Safety checks for people with disabilities take place at the checkpoints. People with disabilities are served out of sequence.

sosSOS posts by the entrance to the Departure Hall can be used to call for help/assistance.


Visibly pregnant women are handled out of sequence. Remember that the carrier has the right to refuse to admit a woman in an advanced state of pregnancy, or may require a medical certificate authorizing the possibility of traveling by plane. Detailed rules of travel for pregnant women are specified in the regulations of transport services in force when purchasing a ticket from a selected carrier.

childrenBaby care rooms. There are three rooms at travelers' disposal, equipped with a changing table, a washbasin and a feeding chair.


Defibrillator. When you see someone needing help, please notify our staff. They are trained in first aid.



Upon arrival at the Warsaw Modlin Airport, the passenger is must undergo certain procedures prior to boarding the plane. If you have hand luggage only, please take your ID and boarding pass to the security check point. If you have checked baggage, please take your ID and boarding pass to the Check-in desk. After checking in your luggage, proceed to the security checkpoint. In both cases, after passing through the security check, go to the Gate - the boarding pass will tell you which exit "Gate" is used to take you to the plane. Now wait calmly for the flight.



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