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How to report a complaint

A A A Drukuj

All complaints should be sent to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

A complaint must include:

                  1)            first name

                  2)            surname

                  3)            address for correspondence (for contact in writing)

                  4)            e-mail address (for contact in electronic form)

                  5)            place, date and time of event

                  6)            reservation number (if the complaint concerns services provided for a Customer departing from or arriving to Warsaw Modlin Airport)

                  7)            detailed description of event

                  8)            amount of claim

                  9)            date of submitting the complaint

               10)            Customer’s signature

               11)            car park ticket number (if the complaint concerns the service of lease of parking spaces at car parks managed by the Company)

               12)            bank account number (if the complaint includes a pecuniary claim), though the number can also be provided by the Customer while the complaint is being handled.

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