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Please, be informed that a Screening Officer has the right to ask you to remove any objects that raise doubts in terms of security requirements in civil aviation from the cabin baggage and checked baggage.

Moreover, remember that baggage carriage is subject to provisions on carriage of dangerous goods and applicable customs and sanitary limitations.

Before security check you need to take off your coat and jacket and place them in a separate tray. The Screening Officer may ask you to take off other items, if applicable.

In order for your journey to be uninterrupted, it is important that you observe the regulations on air carriage of baggage. The general rules of baggage carriage, in particular information concerning items that are acceptable and those that are not allowed in air transportation can be found on the website of the Civil Aviation Authority. The tariff and rules of baggage carriage by Ryanair can be found on the carrier's website.

Passengers of charter flights are informed of the rules and conditions of baggage carriage at the travel agent's where they bought their trip.