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Airport surroundings

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In order to achieve high level of air operations safety, Mazowiecki Port Lotniczy Warszawa-Modlin Sp. z o.o. undertakes a whole range of actions aimed at eliminating threats related with wild animals and birds. As pigeons have appeared in the airport premises, probably from the breeding farms located in neighbouring towns, we wish to inform you about effective provisions of the law [Aviation Law (Dz. U. [Journal of Laws] of 2006 No. 100, item 696, as amended)]:

Art. 87.

6. It is forbidden to conduct the following activities in the vicinity of an airport, i.e. within the distance of 5 km from its borders:

1) constructing and extending building structures that might be a source of food for birds;
2) breeding birds that might pose danger to air traffic.

7. It is forbidden to plant and grow trees and bushes on plots of land located in the aircraft approach areas, which might constitute obstacles to aircraft; the obligation and cost of removing those trees and bushes are the responsibility of the owner or another entity managing the plot.

Art. 210. 1. The person who:

7) breaches, against the bans and warnings made public by the airport operator by use of boards or otherwise, the provisions concerning the do’s and don’ts established by the airport operator,
8) against Art. 87 sections 6 and 7 of the Law, constructs or extends a building structure, which is a source of food for birds and who breeds birds which might pose danger to air traffic, grows and plants trees in aircraft approach areas which poses the danger of exceeding the admissible height of planes free from obstacles, […]

— shall be subject to the penalty of a fine.

2. The same penalty shall be applied to a person who, failing to fulfil his/her obligation, allows act defined in section 1 to be performed.

3. Incitement to commit offences specified in section 1, aiding and abetting as well as attempt are subject to penalty specified in section 1.

4. In cases specified in sections 1-3 adjudication is subject to the provisions on proceedings concerning misdemeanours.


We request your cooperation in eliminating identified threats, in particular by informing the inhabitants of municipalities surrounding Warsaw Modlin Airport about applicable provisions of the law and taking actions aimed at identifying and prosecuting persons that commit offences against Aviation Law.