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At Warsaw Modlin Airport there are taxiways for aircraft and additional taxiways for hover taxiing for helicopters. There are the following taxiways leading directly from the runway: DK-B, DK-C, DK-D and DK-E. In parallel to the runway there are the following taxiways: DK-A1, DK-A2 and DK-A3. Moreover, way DK-S for aircraft with the reference code "B", leading to hangar No. 13, has been repaired.

The carrying capacity of all the taxiways is 53 PCN, apart from DK-S where the PCN is 20.


The runway is 2500 m long and 45 m wide.

The carrying capacity of the runway is 53 PCN. 540 m at both thresholds, 08 and 26, are made of concrete, the middle part of 1420 m is made of asphalt concrete.

The runway has horizontal and vertical signs as well as CAT II approach lighting system and runway edge lights, centreline lights, threshold lights and end identifier lights.

The runway is equipped with the CAT II ALPA-PATA approach lighting system for the 08 direction and a simplified "cross" approach system, being 420 m long with a cross bar at the distance of 300 m from threshold 26.