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Corporate culture

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The mission of Warsaw Modlin Airport is to give more people the possibility a faster, more convenient, easy and cheap way of using airline services, discovering new parts of Europe and establishing relations that will foster the development of business operations in Europe. The key elements of our mission are:

  • establishing intra-European interpersonal and business links;
  • analysing the needs of passengers, business partners and the local community as well as projecting those needs;
  • creating new standards of making passenger journeys faster, more comfortable and cheaper;
  • extending the scope of airport operations in order to stimulate the development of the whole region and to increase the standard of living in the local community;
  • fulfilling passengers' expectations concerning the initial and final stages of a journey;
  • extending access to air travel to new groups of passengers and new types of business activities;
  • strengthening the standards of comfort and fast passenger handling that form a modern airport;
  • overall benefits to the passengers, employees, contractors and company owners. 


In order to achieve the goals that were established as part of our development, we must first define the strategy which takes several aspects into account. These aspects, including the mission of Warsaw Modlin Airport, add up to form the following strategy:

  • dynamic growth due to consistent and creative approach to the business environment;
  • reacting to customer and passenger needs;
  • looking for business development opportunities and for market niches in order to gain measurable benefits;
  • optimising the development process, costs and operations;
  • achieving and highlighting competitiveness;
  • creating environmental sensitivity and increasing the level of support for the local community and natural environment;
  • developing a positive company image;
  • defining trends on the air services market in Poland.


In order to properly implement the development strategy of Warsaw Modlin Airport we need to adhere to the following values:

  • customer satisfaction;
  • successful cooperation with partners;
  • financial transparency (for passengers, the market and the society);
  • compliance of all the operations with all the standards and procedures;
  • integrity of operations;
  • complete engagement;
  • team work and synergy.


The vision of Warsaw Modlin Airport is to develop the airport as a transport and logistics hub in the north of Mazovia. To achieve this Warsaw Modlin Airport is to develop the broadest network of air connections from regional European airports in order to become the best choice for people travelling between Europe and north-east Poland. The key elements of our vision are:

  • development of an airport capable of becoming a leader among airports handling air traffic above Poland;
  • development of Warsaw Modlin Airport infrastructure to answer the needs of its users;
  • development of the aviation and non-aviation parts of Warsaw Modlin Airport to answer the needs of air service providers, business people and the society;
  • development of the broadest network of air connections between regional airports in Europe;
  • development of Warsaw Modlin Airport in order for it to become the airport of choice for people from central and north-east Poland;
  • development of the possibilities of turning Warsaw Modlin Airport into a transport and business hub, providing sustainable development of the Warsaw agglomeration and Mazovia;
  • development of integrated airport facilities maximising the quality of a journey by multi-modal development of the airport, integrating air, railway and road traffic.