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Advertisements and filming

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Due to its dynamically developing operations and handling of thousands of passengers every day, Warsaw Modlin Airport is a very interesting place to:

  • carry out advertising campaigns on all kinds of media,
  • organise promotion actions of all sizes,
  • arrange an exhibition area and product presentation,
  • carry out photography sessions, shooting advertising and commercial films. 

Warsaw Modlin Airport is a place which guarantees many possibilities of getting through to addressees of the advertising message. Check our offer and stake on a place with many perspectives.

We carry out regular surveys of our passengers' profile, we know their age, level of education, travel destination and the level of their income. Due to this, we can precisely plan advertising and promoting campaigns aimed at achieving particular effects.

Advertising surface in the terminal

There are static and multimedia advertising boards in the terminal which are situated along the key passageways, therefore they are attractive advertising media. The terminal is equipped with a large-scale access door which allows to put large exhibits inside it, like e.g. cars.

Advertising media in the terminal

It is possible to hire advertising space at the airport in the form of billboards, citylights and many other. ​

Internet advertising (WiFi gate)

In its advertising offer Warsaw Modlin Airport has got two internet tools for contacting our Passengers and Customers - an internet website and a webpage to log in to free WiFi. Both these tools have different forms of advertising modules. ​

Advertising in Good Modlin magazine

„Good Modlin” is a modern, dynamic travel and lifestyle magazine, in the monthly formula. with a dedicated section covering current airport information and news.
The Airport Magazine is available on-line, free of charge at the entire Warsaw Modlin Airport and on the media platform as well as selected hotels and restaurants in Warsaw.
Apart from the function of a modern magazine, it also acts as an attractive advertising medium.

Promoting and sampling campaigns

Due to Warsaw Modlin Airport's surface area, accessibility and range, it is possible to organise and carry out many attractive marketing and advertising actions and events there. ​

Outdoor advertising

At the airport you can use outdoor media in the standard and large format for advertising. There is also a possibility of hiring the area for advertising actions and installations, e.g. car exhibition. ​


At the airport there is an option of hiring space for shooting advertising films being at the same time advertising actions, e.g. flash mobs. Find out more...​


The Warsaw Modlin Airport infrastructure is a perfect place for film production and for photography sessions. We are very flexible and we get involved in a broad range of film and photography projects, large and small, commercial and private. Warsaw Modlin Airport provides very good settings for TV series, commercials and professional photo sessions.

You can have film productions and photo sessions at the airport both during the day and at night, in the generally accessible area as well as in the restricted zone. Individual approach and pricing.

Short and fast decision-making process, a dedicated contact person with the minimum of formalities.