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Warsaw Modlin Airport is not slowing down. In October, over 217,000 passengers used the airport, almost 4 times more than in the same period in 2020.


With regard to the planned resumption of air traffic in Poland, in order to protect against COVID-19 infection and ensure health safety of our passengers, the rules of passenger service at Warsaw Modlin Airport are about to change.


Ryanair ogłosił dziś oficjalne rozpoczęcie lotów z Portu Lotniczego Warszawa/Modlin do Pafos na Cyprze.

W dniu dzisiejszym (30 maja), wystartował z naszego lotniska pierwszy lot czarterowy na Kefalonię – największą z wysp Jońskich w Grecji.

Parking tickets from the PA-1 car park (directly in front of the passenger terminal) collected by the end of the day on 31.07.2017, with the intention of departing after midnight, on 01.08.2017, must be handed over to the parking service person, i

We wish you a very Happy Easter filled with plenty of love and happiness.


As of 7th April, passengers crossing the external borders of the Schengen area will be subject to strict border controls. The change, caused by toughened EU regulations, may cause longer waits at border checks.

We inform you about the new car park tarrif PA7 - long term.

Ryanair, the biggest European air carrier, has just announced the largest flight timetable from the airport near Warsaw in the history.