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Checked baggage is taken to the aircraft hold. Passengers hand it over at the check-in desk. There, the baggage is tagged. From that moment on the carrier is responsible for the baggage. All the rules concerning the size, weight and amount of checked baggage are governed by regulations of particular airlines.

Rules of checked baggage carriage by Ryanair

Information concerning items that are acceptable and those that are not allowed in air transportation can be found on the website of the Civil Aviation Authority.

Cabin baggage

According to EU regulations concerning civil aviation security, before going through security check you need to take out the following items from your cabin baggage: portable computer and other large electric devises, all liquids, aerosols and gels (e.g. pastes, lotions, liquid/solid mixtures and contents of pressurised containers, such as toothpaste, hair gels, drinks, soups, syrups, perfume, shaving foam and other items with similar consistencies), that are checked separately, based on applicable rules.

Liquids, aerosols and gels can be accepted in cabin baggage after security check if they are:

  • in individual containers with a capacity not greater than 100 millilitres or equivalent in one transparent resealable plastic bag of a capacity not exceeding 1 litre, whereby the contents of the plastic bag fit comfortably and the bag is completely closed; If you do not have a bag, you can buy it in a machine before going through security check points at the airport.
  • food, milk for the babies;
  • to be used during the journey for health reasons;
  • (bought in the duty-free area) closed in secured bags including a receipt proving that they were bought at the airport or on board aircraft;

Other liquids can be put in the checked baggage, apart from:

  • explosive and flammable liquids, aerosols
  • those that contain toxic substances,
  • those that are not admitted to carriage in cabin and checked baggage (more detail can be found on the website of the Civil Aviation Authority.)

Special and oversized baggage

If you have any oversized baggage (wheelchairs, skis, surfboards, prams, bicycles), you need to go a stand marked "oversized baggage".

Items that are not allowed in oversized baggage are the same as those that are not allowed in checked baggage.

Lost baggage

The Lost & Found section is handled by Aviation Support Poland, which provides professional services in case of irregularities related with the baggage.

  • Based on airline procedures, we provide assistance in preparing complaints concerning lost or damaged baggage
  • We can effectively trace lost baggage by use of an international IT system - World Tracer
  • We also provide the service of delivering the baggage to passengers (by courier companies)
  • We also provide telephone enquiry services concerning baggage complaints

Moreover, we keep a register and a storeroom for items left in aircraft. In case of lost baggage, please go to the Aviation Support Poland ground handling agent's post in the Arrivals Hall.

Contact details of the Lost Baggage Handling Office

LOST AND FOUND OFFICE  |  + 48 22 346 50 70  | mobile: +48 504 175 688 | [email protected]

Baggage to declare

If you have baggage/items to declare, please go to the customs clearance point before checking in - it is located to the right of the check-in desks, before security checkpoints.

For detailed information on items that are subject to obligatory customs clearance, please contact the employees of the Customs.

Travelling with animals

The carrier does not transport animals, apart from guide dogs on some routes.

Detailed information on animal transport can be found on the carrier's website.