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On 11 May, the Warsaw-Modlin Airport welcomed the Millionth Passenger in 2016! Ever since the beginning of the year, the number of passengers – in comparison to previous years – has been growing with each passing month, allowing us to reach the impressive round number already in the first half of the year.

Since it was opened in July 2012, there have been almost 6,5 million passengers in the Modlin airport, thanks to which it could achieve the position of the fifth biggest airport in Poland, servicing 9% of the domestic market, and yielding only to the airports in Okecie, Cracow, Gdansk and Katowice. It’s worth stressing that each one of the enlisted airports has been operating longer that the Warszawa-Modlin Airport.

“A million of serviced passengers during the first four months is a more than satisfying result. We are happy that our main partner, Ryanair, notices the enormous potential of the Warsaw and Masovian market, and continues to broaden its offer. It allows us to break new records in the number of serviced passengers, and to cement our position among the leading Polish regional airports,” said Piotr Okienczyc, the President of the Warszawa- Modlin Airport.

“Such a high number of passengers serviced in Modlin propels us to think about developing the airport’s infrastructure and enlarging the terminal. We don’t want to act too hastily, however,and we’ll wait with final decisions on the scope of expansion until the department of infrastructure provides us with assumptions of development strategies for the air transport in Poland. Only defining the role of our airport in the entire transport system will allow us to adjust the shape of the “airport product” to the real needs, as well as plan the expenses and investments in a rational way,” the President added.

According to the prognoses, only in May over a quarter million people used the services of the Modlin airport, namely 263 421 passengers in regular traffic, which means 8% growth in comparison to the analogous period in 2015 – it’s a record monthly result in the history of the airport. If it comes to the domestic traffic, 34 077 passengers used the connections with Wroclaw and Gdansk, whereas internation- al flights were used by 229 344 people. All in all, the Warsaw-Modlin Airport serviced 1574 flight operations.