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Road traffic obstructions near Warsaw/Modlin Airport due to the reconstruction of the S7 expressway between Płońsk and Czosnów

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Temporary traffic obstructions are expected to take place from 10th Jan. 2023, which may affect the length of the route and the travel time to and from Warsaw/Modlin Airport.

The reconstruction has been implemented within the investment of Generalna Dyrekcja Dróg Krajowych i Autostrad (General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways).

The section’s constructor will commence redirecting the road traffic to temporary detours parallel to the old route. The road users will still have 2 lanes at their disposal, with speed limit at 50 km/h.

First, the changes will occur within a section ca 800 metres long of the lane to Warsaw, past the bridge on the Vistula, in Kazuń Nowy. The next stages of detouring will affect:
- lane to Gdańsk past the Błonie hub (intersection of S7 with DK85), within a section 1.7 kilometres long;
- lane to Gdańsk within a section ca 800 metres long, past the bridge on the Vistula and before the S7/DK62 Modlin hub;
- lane to Warsaw within a section ca 600 metres long, between the Modlin hub and the Vistula
- Warszawska Street between Czosnów and the Błonie hub, on the lane to Gdańsk, within a section ca 3 ca kilometres long;
- from lane to Warsaw to lane to Gdańsk, between the Błonie hub and Czosnów, within a a section ca 3 kilometres long.

Temporary road traffic organization shall be implemented in stages by the end of January and the changes will be valid for a period of 12 months. Closures of sections of the old road will allow the contractor to commence building new 3-lane roads and other road structures.

All up-to-date changes in road traffic are available at S7 Płońsk - Czosnów (

Our recommendation for passengers and other users of wheel transportation heading for our Airport is to start the journey in due advance, considering the possible road traffic disruptions.

Please have a look below at the scheme of temporary road traffic organization in its 1st stage, to be implemented on 10th Jan. 2023.

We also encourage our visitors and passengers to use train connections provided by Koleje Mazowieckie KM sp. z o. o.