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New Safety Regulations at Warsaw Modlin Airport

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With regard to the planned resumption of air traffic in Poland, in order to protect against COVID-19 infection and ensure health safety of our passengers, the rules of passenger service at Warsaw Modlin Airport are about to change.



Access to the Terminal is restricted only to passengers departing on a given day with the valid flight ticket/boarding pass which must be presented to the airport authority while entering to the Terminal.

Passengers shall enter the Terminal via designated entrance

All passengers will be subjected to mandatory temperature measurements

People with symptoms of coronavirus infection, such as body temperature over 38 degrees Celsius, persistent coughing, will not be allowed into the Terminal

It is recommended that you check in before your journey and minimize the amount of hand luggage

Only a passenger who requires PRM care will be allowed to enter with an accompanying person


Wearing a face mask covering nose and mouth will be mandatory in the Terminal area

By the entrance and in the Terminal there will be vending machines available in which passengers will be able to obtain masks, gloves and hand sanitizing liquids

It is recommended to replace face masks every 4 hours from the time of use and to ensure a sufficient amount for the entire duration of the journey.

Used masks shall be disposed into specially marked containers

Touch-free hand sanitizing dispensers will be available in a specially marked places in the Terminal


Physical distancing between individuals of 1.5 metres should be maintained as much as is possible in the Airport

Dedicated horizontal and vertical markings will help in maintaining an appropriate physical distancing

Check-in and security control desks will be equipped with special guards to limit direct contact between staff and passengers

The rigging and marking systems in front of the stands have been prepared to ensure the required physical distancing between passengers


Information for arriving passengers

After leaving the aircraft it’s still mandatory to wear a face mask covering nose and mouth until you leave the Airport

We recommend keeping a minimum distance of 1.5 m between passengers, both on the way from the aircraft and in the Terminal - during passport check-in and in the baggage claim area

After collecting the luggage, we advise all passengers to leave the terminal safely and as soon as possible


Shops and catering facilities in the Terminal will be available to a limited extent

TAXI and Rent a Car points will be available

The vending machines will also be available

We recommend making a contactless card payments

Information on new procedures, in the form of posters and graphics displayed on monitors, will be available in the Terminal . Voice announcements reminding of the most important safety regulations will also be presented. We ask all passengers to follow the instructions.

An Airport Information Desk will also be available for passengers.

Before arriving at the Airport, we ask passengers to read the flight guidelines provided by the Air Carrier.

We encourage you to read the graphics on the safety of traveling by plane