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Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program implementation

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To satisfy the needs of all passengers, on 2nd November 2022 Warsaw/Modlin Airport implemented the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program.

The ”Sunflower” idea was born in Great Britain in 2016. Its essence lies in facilitating travels of people with hidden disabilities and raising awareness of the latter. The Hidden Disabilites Sunflower program is supposed to infuse the society – especially the people working in services – with the knowledge of such disabilities and how they influence journeys undertaken by those with hidden impairments. The pattern of sunflowers on a green background discreetly informs everyone at the airport that the person bearing the lanyard may need special assistance and individual approach during their trip.

Joining the initiative present in a steadily growing number of institutions and public places, among which there are many airports worldwide, Warsaw/Modlin Airport and its employees aim at creating a friendlier space for all impaired people, including those with hidden disabilities.

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyards are available for Passengers at the airport’s information desk. It should be remembered that the focus is on hidden disabilities.

The representatives of our airport Piotr Okienczyc and Justyna Cieślak discussed the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program with Mrs Anna Korytowska from Mrs Cieślak mentioned that about 75 per cent of people with disabilities in Poland have this type of disabilities. Mr Okienczyc mentioned a few examples: autism, dementia, diabetes. We highly recommend the interview that contains interesting information presented in concise and accessible manner.

More information about Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is available on the website: