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Ryanair, the biggest European air carrier, has just announced the largest flight timetable from the airport near Warsaw in the history.

In the winter season 2017/2018, passengers will be able to fly with Ryanair to Memmingen in Germany (three times a week), as well as Baden-Baden in Germany, Seville in Spain, Venice in Italy and Eilat in Israel (two times a week).

“We are very happy to announce the largest timetable from Warsaw in the history. We’re going to launch as many as five new directions from Warsaw-Modlin Airport,” said Michael O’Leary, the President of Ryanair. “All in all, the flight traffic of our airline at the airport near Warsaw will grow by 16%. In the course of one year, we’ll service 2,9 million customers. We’ll contribute to the creation of 2100 workplaces at the airport in Modlin, which is a proof of our commitment in further development of tourism in Poland,” he added.

The works on developing the summer network of connections from Warsaw-Modlin Airport are still in progress. It’s already known that in the oncoming season you’ll be able to fly with Ryanair to Cagliari in Sardinia, Naples in Italy and Faro in Portugal. All new connections will take place twice a week.

The map of connections from the airport near Warsaw that are serviced by Ryanair includes nearly fifty destinations, among which are the largest business and touristic centres in Europe.