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Warsaw – Warsaw-Modlin Airport line


Passengers travelling on any domestic flight may now purchase tickets with ModlinBus for 19 PLN on the Warsaw Modlin Airport – Warsaw Center route or Warsaw Center – Warsaw Modlin Airport route. Tickets are available at the ModlinBus kiosk at the airport or directly from the driver. Please be advised that only tickets purchased online guarentee a seat on the bus.

For more information please visit:

ModlinBus offers the only direct, express shuttle service connecting Warsaw-Modlin Airport with Warsaw City Center (across from the main entrance of the Palace of Culture). All the connections are non-stop with a transfer time of approximately 40 minutes. The buses run on average of 50 times a day in both directions and the schedule is correlated with the Ryanair’s arrival and departure hours.

Online ticket prices start from 9 PLN (approx. 2 EUR). Tickets may be purchased online, at the airport or on the bus prior to departure. We accept credit/debit card payments as well as cash in PLN or foreign currency such as EUR, GBP, NOK, SEK, USD, CAD etc. ModlinBus operates a fleet of modern, comfortable, air-conditioned buses with professional staff and free wireless Internet onboard. In, other words, ModlinBus is the most comfortable and convenient way to get to Warsaw Modlin Airport or to Warsaw City Center!

For more information, such as current timetables please visit