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Zakroczym is one of the oldest fortified towns in Mazovia.This is confirmed by the first historical mention of Zakroczym in king's document Mogilno Falsification from 1065.

The history of Zakroczym is closely bound-up with the history of Poland.This is, undoubtedly, due to the town's geographic and strategic location.It was here that dukes of Mazovia signed important treaties with the Teutonic Order. Throughout the years Zakroczym, as a place of great trade and military importance, became the centre of numerous conventions and regional diets of the noblemen, a concentration point of military forces at crucial moments in war and defence campaigns, and a significant point in the defence system.

Although the town had a turbulent history, today it is a charming place.Zakroczym has some delightful landscapes.The town is situated on a side of an escarpment and has a beautiful panorama of gorges dug here by glacier and the Vistula river thousands of years ago.Zakroczym and its environs are a great place to go hiking along the banks of the Vistula or explore off-road hikes in the area.


  • Exaltation of the Cross parish church from the turn of the 15th century
  • Capuchin church and priory from 1758
  • The Lantern – a memorial to insurgents of 1831 and 1863 and those fallen in the years 1939-1945
  • Fort No. 1 Zakroczym from the years 1883-1888, part of fortification system associated with the Modlin Fortress

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